15th December 2017 

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Peter Holmes/Andrew Holmes Paperweights

Peter Holmes began his career as an apprentice to the legendary Paul Ysart at Caithness. In fact he now owns the master's bench and some of his tools!

Peter used to stay on after Paul Ysart went home but wasn't allowed full use of the workshop. However this did lead to Peter experimenting, and the result was the birth of abstract weights. He became justly famous for these, later collaborating with Colin Terris. Indeed, Peter is known as the 'Grandfather of Abstract Paperweights'.

Subsequently Peter left to set up Selkirk Glass, but found he was spending too much time away from actually making glass. He therefore recently broke away to form Scottish Borders Art Glass with his son, Andrew. The studio is very busy producing superb art glass, but Peter and Andrew now only occasionally make paperweights, especially traditional ones. Whilst the studio's name isn't well known in the paperweight world Peter's certainly is of course, and these weights could prove an excellent investment.

Peter's weights have a softer look to them than others from Scotland and as a result are decidedly different. This is partly due to the type of glass used.

Peter is keen to pass on his skills to the next generation, and his son Andrew is an up and coming artist as can be seen below. Indeed, he's now finished his apprenticeship and so is entitled to use his own cane.


 photo 3da96848-e2cf-440f-8d03-f8935e2a18b8_zps2ac6a5fa.jpg

Magnum Faceted Studded Complex Canes

A super selection of 19 of Peter’s complex canes set into a mottled green ground. It has 5 + 1 faceting and a lower dome resulting in less magnification.

 photo 783c747c-f30f-41d8-80ea-1af1931b0779_zps103e4b09.jpg

Diameter just over 3 1/4 inches/82mm

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