15th December 2017 

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Buchanan Glass Designs

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Introducing Buchanan Glass Designs (the McDougall Dynasty continues...)

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Recently, whilst browsing Facebook, we saw a link from Catherine McDougall to Buchanan Glass Designs. Having followed the link we immediately recognized Peter’s canes and assumed that it was Peter and Catherine branching out on a new venture. However, upon speaking to Peter he told us it was his son Scott and daughter-in-law Catherine who had a new business making millefiori jewellery. We checked out their Etsy page and loved what we saw. In fact so much so Steve bought Peggy this beautiful silver pendant.
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We’re therefore sharing Scott and Catherine’s story as we feel sure that the many fans of Peter’s paperweights will be interested in this novel use of his superb canes.

Scott now takes up the story
We’ve always talked about setting up our own business, but it was only at the tail end of last year that events conspired to make it a reality. So here we are some five months later with a line of products, online shop and the beginnings of a great adventure.
It all really began with a mad idea to make a few glass keyrings using some millefiori canes. With Peter’s help and a mini kiln he acquired by chance from a friend, we began to experiment.

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Preparing a setting

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Setting ready for firing

The results were startling and we quickly realised that the quality of the work we were producing would need showing off in a much more appropriate way – our line in pendant necklaces was born!

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Our latest finished pendants ready to be set

We tried a lot of designs, some have worked, others have not. It’s been a lot of trial and error to get the techniques right, setting the patterns, adjusting the firing times and working out the best grinding methods.
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Some of our first round of finished pieces

We’re still developing the best production techniques, but the magic thing is there are endless possibilities and we discover something new with each and every batch.

Throughout we’ve had great support from friends and family. Peter has been instrumental in providing not only access to his millefiori canes but 50 years of wisdom in working with glass and brother Allan’s been on hand to help out too.

Taking things to the next stage and finding an outlet has been even more exciting. Having shunned Facebook all these years, it was time to get with the program and we’ve signed up, and to be honest what a buzz it’s been sharing our adventure with the wider world.

I’ve spent years watching what my dad’s accomplished in the world of glass and it’s an honour to be able to bring a new slant to his craft, and have the opportunity to share it with a community who appreciate great millefiori work. Who knows, this enterprise could sow the seeds for another generation of glass artists as our five year old son Daniel watches, learns and participates in this journey.
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Daniel McDougall setting some canes.

He’s made keyrings for both grans, his mum and friends in Australia

Paperweights Plus feel sure there’ll be lots of interest in these beautiful products and they’re available via Scott and Catherine’s Etsy page. We’ll also be putting a page for Scott and Catherine on our website but please note we will not be selling for them.

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We wish Scott, Catherine and Daniel every success with their new venture.

New Additions

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