15th December 2017 

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11th December 2017
The weights are continuing to sell and we now have amalgamated the remaining John Deacons' weights onto one page. The special double discount offer expires on Christmas Eve 24th December. There's still time to order in time for Christmas with last shipping dates to US on 18th December.

4th December 2017
Retirement Sale Extra Discount

To help you see what the extra 20% off the retirement sale prices means we've now updated all the prices on the web site. We've also updated the exchange rates plus the original UK & EU prices now include VAT.

You can now clearly see what huge discounts we're offering, especially as we no longer have to charge 20% VAT to UK & EU customers!

Do be sure to order quickly before someone else beats you to a bargain!

Please don't forget we need time to ship your weight if you want it for Christmas/Holiday Season.

22nd November 2017
As we expected the weights are selling fast so you'll need to be quick if you don't want to lose that one you've had your eye on!

20th November 2017


This is to highlight that we're giving an extra 20% off everything, not for just for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but until Christmas Eve. This is in addition to the Retirement Sale discount already announced.

Here's your chance to grab a present for Christmas and The Holiday Season. Or why not just treat yourself?

Please note we're not buying any new weights nor taking customised orders. So once these bargains are gone they're gone for good!

17th November 2017

A Little Bit of History

 photo 3ccd5808-5653-4003-8c02-24bdef458251_zps8k6vdywk.jpg

Multi-signed copy of The Complete Guide to Perthshire Paperweights - Mahoney & McClanahan. We were delighted to be able to get the signatures of some of the Perthshire staff, making this book particularly attractive to paperweight collectors. This is the softback edition.

 photo 553b12df-016f-41d4-a1f8-92960187b134_zps6uybx9cm.jpg

For more details click here.

Hafod Grange
We've also just discovered an unusual Hafod Grange weight Small Globe Thistle tucked away. We now have only a very few Hafod Grange weights left in stock. They make super presents for birthdays or the Holiday Season.

 photo a4dfd0bc-bd85-4598-b8e0-b7b7a95c5bc0_zpsarcjt8m0.jpg

For more details click here.

13th November 2017

John Deacons
The weights are selling fast and we've now just one page of millefiori weights left and 8 lampwork ones. This would be a good time to snap up a bargain presents for Christmas and the Holiday Season.

We now have just 15 small layback stands left so you'll need to be quick if you want some!

20th October 2017
Retirement Sale

We've been very touched by the lovely e-mails and good wishes we've received from so many of our customers all over the world.

Weights have been selling quickly so don't delay if there's something you have your eye on. A number of our customers have been disappointed as a particular weight they especially like had disappeared!

We've just found this weight tucked away on the shelf.

 photo 696fe50e-5223-46da-95bf-8418249cd83a_zpsmqjt3axr.jpg

Ref PO 22 Perthshire PP5 5 Spoke

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2nd October 2017

It's with mixed emotions that we announce that we're retiring. It's been a difficult decision to make, but we feel that the time is now right. Thanks to all our customers all over the world, many of whom have become firm friends and whom we'll be staying in touch with.

The good news for our customers is that you'll be able to pick up some bargains!

Firstly we've de-registered for VAT. This means that we no longer have to charge our UK & EU customers 20% VAT.

Secondly, and in addition, we've reduced the prices of most of our weights by 20% for all of you, wherever in the world you are.

If you're in UK or EU you'll benefit from both of these reductions that together come to 33 1/3% off the original price.

We're no longer accepting commissions for custom-made weights. And once our stock is sold we'll be closing for good.

So with Christmas and the Holiday Season coming up, now would be a good time to bag a bargain - before someone beats you to it!